Complete Guide on How to delete opay account

A Complete Guide on How to Delete Opay account.

OPay Digital Services Limited, occasionally referred to as OPay, operates a mobile money platform. The company provides money sending and receiving, fund payments, and payroll processing services. OPay serves consumers in Nigeria.

OPay is not only Nigeria’s most popular financial app, but also the most downloaded, outperforming worldwide giants such as WhatsApp, TikTok, Snapchat, and Telegram as of October 15, 2023. New members are instantly given a bank account number based on the last ten digits of their phone number.

In this Post we will be talking of a quite interesting topic, On how you can Delete your opay account. And some necessary things that need be done, Because sometimes It’s not that simple. When it comes to account deletion, each platform has its own set of regulations and restrictions, and you don’t want to discover in the middle of the process that you’ve left money in your account or forgotten to cancel your subscription. These small details matter, So without wasting much of our time let’s dive right in


Some Reasons to want Your Account Deleted.

  • Maybe the platform isn’t giving you the best of experience.
  • You might have found a better platform that suits your taste.
  • Looking to simplify your digital footprints; In other words, you want to cut down some unnecessary fintech apps you’ve joined.
  • Perhaps you are relocating out of the nation and will no longer use the services.
  • Lastly you may want to move to the platform that a friend or family member uses.

How to delete opay account

If you are thinking about this, you’ve come to the right place. It is critical to note that your decision to leave a platform such as Opay is just as important as your decision to join in the first place.


Few processes to your Safety Before Deleting your account. 

  • Removal of funds:  This is by Sending out all your Saved up money/Funds from the platform to your preferred bank which you might have already gone through the process of opening..
  • Canceling of subscriptions: By canceling subscriptions you add telling opay to stop you out on some services you bought with there platform. Thereby keeping you save in The future and also Avoid you being in debt of money accumulated from the subscription
  • Card Deactivation: This process is also to Closing up or Blocking the Virtual or physical card you got while using the platforms services.

PLEASE Ansure to follow this processes to avoid regrets. Now to the topic of the day..

How to delete opay account

How to Delete Opay Account 

There are two process to delete opay account. Which can be done by following the guide below.

  1. Via Email.
  2. Via Opay App.

Will be taken you through on how to do the both..


How to Delete Opay Account From my email 

To delete your Opay account via email, follow the steps listed below:

  • Withdraw any funds: Before your account is terminated, transfer any funds from your wallet to a linked bank account.
  • Compose an email: Open your email software and send a new message to the OPay customer service team.
  • Request account deletion: In the body of the email, clearly declare that you want to delete your account and give a reason for doing so. Please include your full name, email address, and version information so that the customer support team can verify your identity.
  • Send an email: Once you’ve written the email, send it to the customer support team at the email address listed on the OPay website or app.
  • Wait for a response: Our customer support team will review your request and send you an email. They may request further information or explanation before proceeding with the account deactivation process.

How to delete opay account

How to Delete Opay Account via The app 

To cancel your Opay account via the Opay app, complete the steps below:

  •  Log into your account: Open the OPay app and log in with your registered mobile number and password.
  • Funds Withdrawal: Before your account is canceled, transfer any funds from your wallet to a linked bank account.
  • Contact OPay customer care: log in and use the app’s in-app support channels (live chat or email). Explain that you want to remove your account and give a reason.
  • To delete your account: Customer support will guide you through the account deletion procedure and confirm your activity.


Remember that deleting your account means losing access to your transaction history, account information, and any funds in your wallet. Before deleting your account, look into whether there are any other methods available to resolve your problems.

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