2 ways on How To Buy Data For A Friend On Mtn

A well Detailed guide on how to buy data for a Friend on Mtn..In today’s digital world, mobile data has evolved into an important means for staying active, up-to-date, and entertained. MTN, one of the leading mobile network providers in Nigeria and Africa at large, provides a variety of data plans to meet the different needs of its clients.

It is also becoming more vital to share data with friends, family, and colleagues. The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has recently compiled USSD codes for various operations across networks. As a result, this article includes a complete instructions on how to exchange data on MTN and other networks.


Mtn Code To Share Data 2024 

To share data on MTN, make use of an appropriate USSD code (*321#).  The NCC mandated that all network operators in Nigeria use a unique code, prompting MTN to modify their data sharing (share and sell) code to *321#.

How to buy data for a Friend on Mtn

How MTN Data Share works? 

MTN’s Data Gifting service simplifies data transfers, purchases for loved ones, and data requests. With MTN Data Gifting, you could send and purchase data packages to other mobile devices, routers, and tablets. The service is accessible to all MTN subscribers. Whether you want to surprise a buddy with a data bundle or request data from someone, MTN Data Gifting has you covered.


How to Buy Data for a Friend on Mtn through USSD code 

Below are the steps to follow when try to share data to your loved one’s.

  • Open your smartphone’s dialer app.
  • Secondly, simply dial *321*receiver phone number*data amount#.
  • To proceed, choose option 2 and click the send button.
  • Choose 1, 2, or 3 (MB) to share with the recipient.
  • To share data megabytes on your MTN network, click the Send button.
  • This is an automatic process, so double-check the amount of data you’re sending and the number of recipients before selecting OK.


How to buy data for a Friend on Mtn

  • you could also follow this process below. Just choose any which works best for you..
  • Firstly, Open your phone Dailer pad.
  • Dail *321# and send
  • Select option 2, after dialing
  • Another prompt will appear, select Option 2, But for a Friend.
  • Enter your friends or beloved one’s number.
  • Select the amount of Data you wish to send to them.
  • Finaly, Click proceed to confirm you want to send that amount to your friend


How to Buy Data for a Friend on Mtn through SMS 

To share data with another MTN subscriber via SMS, simply follow these steps:

  1. Open the SMS app on your smartphone.
  2. Create an SMS in this format using your MTN line: Transfer, Friends phone number, data amount and send it to 321. For example, move 08035952882 250 to 321.
  3. You should double-check the phone number before pressing the submit button because you will not be able to retrieve your data afterward. If you make a mistake with the phone number, another user will receive free data – lol. You do not need to enter any code before proceeding with this transaction.

NOTE: while using an Mtn line or wanting to share data to a friend from your MTN sim. You can only send to another Mtn line.

How to buy data for a Friend on Mtn


How to Share Data on other Networks Asides MTN 

All you have to do is follow the steps mentioned for how to transfer data on MTN. The instructions may vary based on the network provider, but the USSD code remains same.


How to Check My Mtn Data Balance 

This is the simplest, fastest, and most common way to check your MTN data level. This is done by dialing the USSD code. This USSD code will show you your remaining data balance as well as the expiration date of your current bundle.  To apply this strategy, follow the steps below:

  • Open your phone app.
  • Dail *323#.
  • Select Option 4 {Balance Check}.
  • Wait for the notification to appear on your screen, which will show your remaining data balance and the expiration date of your current bundle.

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