3 Way’s on How To Migrate To Mtn Beta Talk for Free

A Complete Guide on How to Migrate to Mtn Beta Talk For Free.. For all MTN subscriber, we have something special for you. MTN currently has a special offer called MTN Beta Talk 2023. The communication network developed this tariff plan to motivate its consumers to continue using the network. Looking at the tariff structure, MTN provides reasonable data at a reasonably similar rate.

They also designed the tariff plan to provide for a reduced call rate when compared to other tariff rates. We’ll look at the various migration steps for this tariff plan, as well as the perks that consumers can expect. This package offers 300% additional airtime! This post will explain how to switch to this great plan and enjoy all of the extra airtime benefits.


What’s Mtn Beta Talk?

Yes, it is right to ask that question, and also as important yo knowing the program. MTN Beta Talk is a unique offer from MTN, It is intended for individuals who use pre-paid phones. When you use Beta Talk to deposit money on your mobile device, you will receive additional money as a bonus. So, if you recharge for a specific amount, you will receive a total of three times that number as a bonus. You can use the additional gift money to make phone calls, send messages as well and access the internet on your mobile device. However, you must use it within a specific time frame or it will expire. Remember that you cannot use this gift money to contact people in other countries or from a different location.

How to Migrate to Mtn Beta Talk

confirming whether you can migrate to MTN Beta Talk.

Before you switch, make sure you are eligible for the MTN Beta Talk plan. In summary, it’s necessary to check if you follow their guidelines. They include:

  • Use a pre-paid SIM card.
  • Make sure you don’t have any unpaid bills.
  • Have an active SIM card.
  • Make sure you have not less than N100 airtime on ya phone.
  • And if you’re currently on a different MTN plan, find out if it will affect your opportunity to join the Beta Talk fun.
  • If you have to relocate multiple times within 30 days (one month), you may be charged N100.


Produces to ensure before migrating to Mtn Beta Talk

Before getting started, here are a few crucial things to do:

  1. Use up any remaining airtime or data bundles from your current plan.
  2. Keep your critical connections and belongings secure just in case (backups).
  3. When switching, be aware of any charges or limitations.

Now down to the essence of this Article, how to migrate To Mtn Beta Talk


How To Migrate To Mtn Beta Talk

It’s easy to switch to MTN Beta Talk 2023. There are two methods to do it.

  • Via USSD code.
  • Via SMS
  • Via MTN Web


How To Migrate To Mtn Beta Talk using USSD code

When the correct code is being used, it is simple to migrate to Beta Talk. To switch to this tariff plan, call *123 * 2 * 1#. This is the quickest method of transitioning to this tariff plan. Customers can also move to beta chat by following the steps listed below:

  • Dial *123#
  • Choose 2 from the offered options.
  • On the next choice, press 1.
  • You have successfully moved to the MTN beta talk tariff plan.

How to Migrate to Mtn Beta Talk

How To Migrate To Mtn Beta Talk using Mtn Web

Once you’ve completed the necessary requirements, you can utilize MyMTN online to migrate to any tariff. The website makes it simple to switch to beta talk online. To do this, follow the steps listed below:

  • Log in to the MyMTN website or CLICK HERE for quick access.
  • Enter your cellphone number.
  • An OTP will be sent to the specified phone; enter the OTP and click ‘Proceed’.
  • On the top right side of the home page, tap the space with your name.
  • Click ‘My Plan’., Click ‘Other Plans’.
  • Click on MTN BetaTalk.


How To Migrate To Mtn Beta Talk using SMS

There is an SMS option for switching to the Beta Talk tariff plan. To enable the beta chat via SMS, send BT to 131. Wait for the confirmation text that indicates you were able to switch to the tariff plan.

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How to Migrate to Mtn Beta Talk

Benefits in using Mtn Beta Talk

As one of MTN’s most popular tariff plans, it offers a variety of perks that entice people to choose it. This tariff plan has the following characteristics that benefit its users:

  • For each recharge of N100 and above, you will be given a 300% airtime bonus and a 200% data bonus.
  • In addition to the 300 percent airtime reward on recharges of N100 and up, data bonuses of 20MB or more are available. The data reward will be in 20MB sizes.
  • The plan includes two premium data bundles: 50 naira for 40MB, 200Naira per 250MB.
  • Your very first recharging or call of the month will include a free 10MB data incentive.
  • Bonus airtime has a 7-day validity period.
  • Every time you recharge with N100 or more, you’ll receive 10MB of free data per week.
  • For N100, you may obtain 50MB of data every day.
  • The bonus airtime can be used for national calls, SMS, or PAYG data.



Can I Migrate From Beta Talk To Another Plan.

Yes, you can migrate to any Tariff plans. However, if you migrate to any of the following Tariff plans (MTN XtraSpecial, MTN Pulse, MTN XtraValue, MTN Trutalk, MTN Talk, or MTN mPulse), you will not be able to keep your 10MB data bonus.

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