How to Subscribe to Mtn Night Plan 11pm To 6am

A Complete Guide on How to Subscribe to Mtn Night Plan.. MTN’s night plan is affordable, easy to use, and accessible strictly from 11 p.m. to 6 p.m. Are you searching for the MTN night bundle code, the very best MTN night plan, whether MTN night plans can be shared, and how to activate MTN night plans? Then read this post.

MTN’s night plan, released in June 2016, With offers 500mb for N50 and 250mb for N25. It only applies to MTN Pulse subscribers. And with it’s highest plan 50 for 500mb. And users have the privilege of activating this plan for 4 times, which is 2000mb. The maximum night plan sub (2gb), which will only cost 200NGN, instead of the normal 500NGN For 2gb daily. With this users cut down their expenses in buying data.


How to migrate to Mtn pulse 

To be able to access Mtn Night plan, users must migrate to mtn pulse. Using this service, users will no longer get bonuses after purchasing airtime, but will now get Mtn pulse points. Which can also be used to purchase Data, If you have accumulated or saved enough. Below are the procedures to migrate to Mtn Pulse

If you’re currently on MTN pulse, skip this step; if not, don’t.

  • Dial *123#
  • Respond 2 to Select Tariff Plan Migration
  • Press 1 to select Pulse. To finish, simply follow the prompt.

How To Subscribe To Mtn Night Plan

How to Subscribe to Mtn Night Plan Through USSD 

Below is on of the unique ways To subscribe to the MTN Night Plan bundles from 11pm to 6am

  • Enter the MTN Night Plan code, *406#.
  • Follow the instructions to switch to MTN Pulse if it’s your first time.
  • Have a minimum of 25 NGN on your MTN SIM card.
  • Type 3 and send.
  • select the amount you want to pay (25 for 250mb or 50 for 500mb).
  • buy using airtime or pulse points, then select 1 ‘confirm’.

You will then receive a message confirming that your night plan subscription was successful. A user may accumulate a maximum of 2000 MB on the MTN Night Plan before becoming ineligible until the next night.

How To Subscribe To Mtn Night Plan

How to Subscribe Mtn Night Plan Bundle Through SMS 

Here’s another easy way to easily access the mtn night plan bundles from 11pm to 6am

  • Click on the message app on your phone
  • Create a new message, input the receiver as 312.
  • Then send  NT1 to 312 to obtain 250MB.
  • Send NT2 to 312 for 500MB.


You will receive notification that your subscription in the MTN Night Plan was successful.


How To Subscribe To Mtn Night Plan 11pm To 6am

How to check Mtn Night Plan Balance 

Purchasing or Accessing the plan is one thing, but having an idea on how to check its balance is another thing. Because users must monitor their data subscription balances to avoid service disruptions. By doing this users know when or whether to subscribe another one. Note: you can only subscribe the highest night plan bundle 4 times, which is 2000mb total. Below are the procedures to checking your Mtn Night Plan Bundle Balance. To check the mtn night plan data balance, follow these steps:

  • Dial *406#.
  • Respond 3 to select an MTN night plan.
  • Respond with 3 to check your MTN night data balance.
  • Additionally, you are going to receive a text message detailing your night plan data balance.

Also want to know: how you can check your Mtn Data Balance ?? 


How to Check my Mtn Data Balance 

While the *559# MTN data balance code is only for internet services, the *312# code may be used to check practically any balance type on the network. Here are the steps to check your balance.

  • Open the phone app on your mobile device. On a feature phone, dial the USSD code.
  • Dial *323#, then select option 4. To make things even easier, dial *323*4#.
  • A pop-up message displaying your current balance will show on your screen.

Following the pop-up notification, you will receive a text message containing your balance information.


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