6 ways on how to Recharge Mtn, New code.

Detailed guide on how to Recharge Mtn/Code to Recharge Mtn… In Nigeria, recharging your MTN phone in 2024 is now simpler than ever thanks to technological improvements and creative efforts by telecom providers. One of the biggest telecom providers in the nation, MTN Nigeria, offers a number of channels for easy phone recharging for its users. We’ll go over all the many options to top off your MTN line in 2024 in this article. As a client, you have a range of options to select from based on your convenience and preferences.


Code to Recharge Mtn Card 

Using USSD codes to recharge your MTN line is one of the simplest and most well-liked methods available. Simply enter *311*PIN# on your phone and hit the send button. Which is also the Newly approved code for all Networks For Airtime Recharge.. The 16-digit recharge code displayed on the rear of your recharge card is represented by the PIN. Once the PIN has been entered, click “Send,” and your phone will be immediately credited.

how to Recharge Mtn


Ways to on how to Recharge Mtn 

Now they are other multiple way to get your line Recharged with out using USSD or Going to the nearest store to get airtime. You can simply do these from the comfort of your home. Depending on your choice and convenience, MTN has offered a number of simple and quick options for you to load your airtime. The ways you can load a credit card on your MTN line are listed below:

  1. Through Bank mobile app
  2. with the MTN MobileApp
  3. Through the Quickteller
  4. Through the MTN website
  5. By way of share and sell


How to Recharge Mtn Through Bank mobile App 

Individuals in Nigeria can buy airtime, data, and other items through the mobile apps available on almost all of banks’ websites. to use a bank’s mobile app to recharge:

  • Go to app store/play store and download the app.
  • Enter your information in line with your bank.
  • From the menu of the bank app, choose the recharge option.
  • Your recharge card’s 16-digit PIN should be entered and submitted.
  • Instant credit will be applied to your phone.

how to Recharge Mtn

How to Recharge Mtn Through MTN’s Mobile App 

Purchasing airtime, data, and other items is made simple for users by MTN’s user-friendly mobile app. Using the MTN mobile app to recharge, To register your details, including your phone number and OTP,

  • you must download the {MyMTN app} from your app store or the Apple store.
  • register your details for example, your phone number and OTP
  • From the app menu, choose the option to recharge.
  • Submit after entering the 16-digit PIN that is printed on your recharge card.
  • Instant credit will be applied to your phone.


How To Recharge Mtn Through Quickteller 

Quickteller is an internet marketplace where you can buy data and airtime among other things. Visit and choose the recharge option to use Quickteller for recharging.Submit after entering the 16-digit PIN that is printed on your recharge card.Instant credit will be applied to your phone.

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how to Recharge Mtn

How To Recharge Mtn Through Mtn website 

The MTN website provides a platform for customers to purchase airtime, data, and other products. To recharge through the MTN website,

  • visit
  • Log in to your account with your phone number.
  • If you don’t have an account, create one
  • Select the recharge option.
  • Input the 16-digit PIN printed on your recharge card and submit.
  • Your phone will be credited instantly.


How To Recharge Mtn Through MTN’s Share and Sell service 

Customers can transfer airtime from one MTN line to another using the MTN Share and Sell service. You must set up a PIN in order to utilize this service; this PIN will be used to approve all transactions. Ask someone to transfer airtime to your phone using your phone number and PIN in order to recharge your MTN line with MTN Share and Sell. Instant credit will be applied to your phone.

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