5 Ways on How to check my MTN number

A Complete Guide on How to Check My Mtn Number.. Are you new to the MTN Nigeria network or struggling to remember your phone number? If you ask yourself, “How to know my MTN number?” you’re not alone! Several other users are asking the same. Knowing your phone number is crucial, particularly when you need to share it with friends, family, or business associates. Below are several ways to Do so..


How To Check My Mtn Number 

How to check My Mtn Number

They’re several ways to check your mtn number. But below are some of the main ways to do so..

  • Check Mtn Number through Sms
  • Check Mtn Number through USSD code
  • Check Mtn Number Through Customer care
  • Check Mtn Number By Calling a Friend


How to Check my Mtn Number using Sms 

The process can be complicated, but it’s actually quite simple. This can be done by sending an SMS from your phone number to another phone number or to your mobile device’s secondary number. To do this, follow the steps below.

  • Step 1: Open the messaging app and type “Hello”
  • Step 2: Send the message to another number that you have access to.
  • Step 3: When you receive the message, open it; you should see your MTN number as the sender.

How to check My Mtn Number

How to check My Mtn Number Using USSD code 

To check your MTN phone number using USSD CODE:

  • enter the quick and simple USSD code *123#.
  • Dial the code from your MTN phone, then choose “My Number” from the list of options that appears.
  • Your phone number will appear on the screen immediately.
  • Another way to find your MTN phone number is to dial 1231*1#.
  • This USSD code will display your MTN number on the screen.


How to check your MTN number from Customer care 

To check or find out your phone number, call MTN’s customer service line at “180”. Simply tell the representative that you need to know your MTN number, and they will assist you. Please contact MTN customer service to find your phone number.


How to check My Mtn Number by calling a Friend 

Another easy approach to check your MTN number is to Call anotherline , which is not necessarily a must to be MTN numbers in this case. If you choose to use this strategy, it is best to do so with friends or family. Here’s a guide on how to do so..

How to check My Mtn Number

  1. Call your desired mobile number. As previously said, it is not always an MTN number; you can choose a friend or relative who uses other networks such as GLO, AIRTEL, and 9MOBILE, but they must be someone close to you.
  2. When they answer the phone, ask them to read aloud the phone number displayed on the caller ID. Alternatively, if they are immediately alongside you, there is no reason for them to answer the call. Simply ask them to call out the number that called them.
  3. Then you can write down your MTN phone number, store it to your phone, or memorize it all at once, depending on your choice.

Important Note: This method only works if you have sufficient airtime on your line to make a call. If you are short on or no airtime, this strategy will not work for you.


How to check my Mtn Number Online 

You can check and get your MTN number by in conversation with Zigi online and over WhatsApp. Alternatively, open the MyMTN app on your phone and locate your mobile number on the dashboard.

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How to download my Mtn app 

  • Firstly ensure a stable data connection
  • Open your Playstore or Apple store
  • Click on the search icon, input “My Mtn App”
  • The application will pop up, Then download and install the app.
  • After installation, sign in with your preferred number..
  • Gain Instant bonus afterwards..

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