How to Block Opay Account

A complete guide on how to Block Opay Account. OPay is a prominent mobile payment network in Nigeria that offers consumers a convenient and safe way to transfer money, pay bills, and buy goods and services. However, The loss of a phone is not only inconvenient; it also puts your personal information at risk, especially if you have financial apps activated, such as Opay.To keep your Opay account secure even if your phone is stolen, follow these instructions. In this article, I’ll walk you through the process of blocking your Opay account when your phone is stolen or lost. Let’s dive right in.


Some Reasons Users Might Want to Block Opay Account 

Before we get into the processes, let’s look at why users might want to block their Opay accounts.

  • Users might want their account blocked Primarily because of lose of phone.
  • A user might want a change of banking platform there by leaving the account still activated with personal informations might be a threat..
  • Users might simply wish to take a break from the platform. Now we’ve went through the possible reasons to want your account blocked. Let’s get to the main topic of this Article..


How to Block your Opay account 

If your looking to block your opay account necessarily because of any reason best know to you. There are possible two ways to do so..

  • Via the Opay App
  • Via Opay USSDCode


How to block opay account Using the opay App 

To block your Opay account, complete the procedures below carefully.

  • To begin, call Opay Customer Service at 0700 8888328 or 01 888328. You can also email them. You may find their contact information below.
  • Tell them you need to block your account, and explain why.
  • They will ask you a few questions for verification. Answer their questions as best you can.
  • This may include your entire name, registration phone number, email address, and any transaction history you can recall.The more information you can supply, the more efficient the procedure will be.
  • Once you’ve convinced them that you own the account, they’ll ban it until you ask them to unblock it.

How to Block Your Opay Account Using USSD code 

Blocking your OPay account is a basic step that can be completed with any phone. To do this, follow the instructions below:

  • Dial *955# from any phone.
  • Choose option 0 to access the “OPay Self-Service” menu.
  • Choose option 12 to reach the “Block Account” options.
  • Choose Option 1 to indicate that you want to block your account.
  • To confirm the operation, enter your payment PIN’s four digits.

Once you’ve successfully Blocked your account, all OPay transactions will be temporarily suspended. This means that no one can use your account or initiate transactions until it is unfrozen. Now we’ve gone through the guide to block Opay Account, Below are the possible ways towards contacting Opay customer support.


Opay Customer Services /Line 

  • Opay Phone Number: 0700 8888328
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Instagram:

How to Check my Account Balance 

They quite a few ways to check your opay account balance in all this are the 3 (basic) main ways. Via USSD key code, via the platform’s app, and via mail. To check, take these steps:

  1. Dial *955#
  2. From the Various options breakdown, select the “my balance” option.
  3. Enter your Opay PIN (4-digit code).
  4. Your account balance will be presented in the following pop-up.
  5. To check your account balance quickly, dial * 955 *0#.
  • Can also be done easily through the opay app.. To access your account balance, log in to your account using the OPay app. Usually, it is highly visible on the app’s homepage.
  • Furthermore, users can access their account balance quickly through their Opay transaction mail receipt. By viewing your last transaction and balance..
  • You can also check your account balance with the OPay swift and fast debit card. This debit card can be used at ATMs and Points of Sale (POS).

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